Alternate Medicare MU Attestations (PY 2016)

Alternate Medicare MU Attestations available to Medicaid EPs for PY 2016 during the CMS Reporting Period (January-March 13, 2017)

CMS – Registration and Attestation Site

Medicaid Eligible Providers (EPs) who do not qualify to attest to Meaningful Use (MU) with Medicaid for Program Year 2016 may attest to MU with Medicare in order to avoid Payment Adjustments in 2017 (if they are 1st-time MU attesters in PY 2016) or in 2018 (if they are returning MU attesters in PY 2016). 

The Alternate Medicare MU attestation will now be available to Medicaid EPs who have registered for PY 2016 at the CMS Registration & Attestation UI (CMS RNA), and whose respective Medicaid States/Territories have confirmed their registrations at the CMS RNA between January 3rd, 2017 and March 13th, 2017. 

Note that the end date for the CMS Medicare PY 2016 Reporting period has been extended from February 28, 2017 to March 13, 2017.

PLEASE NOTE: Although the Alternate Medicare MU attestation is done by the Medicaid EP with CMS (through CMS RNA), the registration of the Medicaid EP with his/her respective State Medicaid EHR Incentive Program has to be CONFIRMED by the State Medicaid EHR Incentive Program BEFORE the Medicaid EP can proceed with submitting the MU attestation in CMS RNA. In other words, even though a Medicaid EP has registered at the CMS RNA for PY 2016, the Medicaid EP cannot proceed with the Alternate Medicare MU attestation at the CMS RNA – the MU attestation menus do not become available – until the EP’s State Medicaid Agency confirms the Medicaid EP’s registration. To do this, the EP’s State Medicaid Agency must have sent the B7-Eligible to CMS/NLR in response to the B6 the State Medicaid Agency received for the EP before the EP can proceed with the Medicare MU attestation.

There is no incentive payment for successfully completing the Alternate Medicare MU attestation. It is for avoiding Medicare payment adjustments only. State Medicaid Agencies do not have to track and/or upload records to CMS/NLR for their Medicaid EPs who do the Alternate Medicare MU attestation with CMS – the Medicare MU attestation records are automatically available to the NLR, for purposes of avoiding Medicare payment adjustments.

It is anticipated that State Medicaid Administrators will promptly send the required B7-Eligible to CMS/NLR for their qualified Medicaid EPs long before the end-date of the CMS Medicare PY 2016 Reporting period, 03/13/17, so that their Medicaid EPs have enough time to complete the Alternate Medicare MU attestation at CMS RNA in spite of the usual higher-than-normal user traffic at the CMS RNA as the Reporting period end-date approaches.

In case an EP encounters difficulties at the CMS RNA attempting the Alternate Medicare MU attestation after your State has confirmed the EP’s registration, the EP may contact the CMS Help Desk/EHR Information Center for assistance: (888) 734-6433/ TTY: (888) 734-6563 and select option 1. Hours – Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. EST.