Eligible Professionals – Meaningful Use Stage 2

Stage 2 begins after a provider has successfully met Meaningful Use for two years.  For many, this will be their fourth year in the Incentive Program.


Eligible Professional Meaningful Use Stage 2

Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

Meaningful Use Stage 2

(third and subsequent MU years)

MS Medicaid Patient Volume Calculator EHR Vendor Contract Signed Attestation Agreement
Supporting Management Report Vendor Letter, Vendor Invoice, Recent Receipt (Optional)
Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) Summary Report form EHR
CORE # 6
Clinical Decision Support Worksheet
CORE # 10
View Patient Data (sample or screenshot of patient portal login screen or URL for website)
CORE #15
Transitions of Care (sample of C-CDA document that was given to a patient when referring to another location of care – de-identified PHI)
CORE # 16
Immunization Registry – Either proof of ongoing submissions or letter of acknowledgement from Immunization Registry on or before 60th day of EHR rpt period)
CORE # 17
Protect Health Information (Security Risk Analysis – downloaded from MS Medicaid or from HealthIT.gov)