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Program Year 1 For Eligible Professionals (EPs)

Adopt / Implement / Upgrade

Visit the Mississippi State Level Registry (MS SLR) to begin your EHR Attestation for Year 1.

Establishing Medicaid Patient Volume Eligibility:

  1. Determine if you as an EP will use Medicaid patient volume taken from your individual patient volume statistics or if your group / practice will combine all patient volume, utilizing the Group Proxy volume.  You can either use individual or group statistics.  It’s either one way or another.  All Individual or All Group.
  2. Select a continuous 90-day period from the previously finished calendar year
  3. Report all encounters (regardless of payment type).  This will be the denominator.
  4. Report all Medicaid encounters (a unique patient seen on a particular date).  This will be the numerator.
  5. Medicaid Patient Volume should be at least 30% for Eligible Professionals (20% – for pediatricians).
  6. Supply certification numbers from the Office of National Coordinator (ONC).  This is referred to as the CHPL Website.
  7. Required documentation:   Contract with vendor, Medicaid patient Volume calculator, Supporting Management Report, Signed Attestation Agreement.