Supporting Documentation to upload during EHR Attestation

Please use the lists below to help you gather all the supporting documents that will be uploaded during the online application process in the MS State Level Registry (MS SLR), our provider portal through which yearly EHR data is reported.  Failure to upload these documents will result in delayed EHR Incentive payments.  If we need additional information during our pre-payment verification, we will notify you.

Eligible Professionals –  Meaningful Use Stage 3

All Attestations for Meaningful Use

Medicaid Eligibility (MS SLR Step 2):

Supporting Management Report   (All-Payers’ Report pulled from billing system   90-days from 2019 or 2020)

MS Medicaid Encounter Calculator for 2019 v1

Attestation of Your EHR (MS SLR Step 3):

Current EHR Contract (showing upgrade to 2015 CEHRT)

Meaningful Use Supporting Documentation (MS SLR  MU Step 3):

  • Security Risk Analysis (summary report – one per clinic)
  • Program year 2020 90-day EHR Meaningful Use Summary Report (one per provider).  This MU Summary Report will document all Meaningful Use Objectives and Measures reported through the MS SLR
  • Program year 2020 90-day Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) Summary Report (one per provider).  This CQM Summary Report will document all Clinical Quality Measures reported through the MS SLR.   CMS requires all providers to address at least one Outcome or Performance Measure. 
    • Reporting zero over zero does not support Outcome, Performance, or High-Priority Measures.
  • Evidence of Public Health Reporting (Level of Engagement – Registration, Testing, Production)  We need the Acknowledgement Letter from the Public Health Registry your clinic is submitting data (MS Immunization Registry, Specialized Registry).  One letter per clinic works for all providers in the organization.

Attestation Agreement (MS SLR Step 4)

Please sign, date and initial all pages appropriately.  Scan and upload into SLR.