EHR Vendor Contract

The Mississippi State Level Registry (MS SLR) requires providers to upload supporting documentation that demonstrates implementation of Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) using the 2015 or greater criteria. You will be asked to upload a current copy of the contract between your EHR software vendor and your practice.

These are components we will reasonably expect to see in an EHR Vendor Contract:

A fully executed EHR vendor contract (for 2015 or greater CEHRT)

A contract must contain evidence of the following:
Name of Payee (Clinic or Hospital)
EHR Product (Vendor Name, and CEHRT ID#)
Designation – Inpatient or Ambulatory
Modular or complete EHR
Business Associates Agreement
Number of Licenses
Type of User Licenses (concurrent users or static number)
HIPAA Compliance Agreement
Date of Upgrades
Scope and nature of upgrades
Date of contract execution
Authorizing signatures

Note:  If contract is dated prior to January 1, 2018, you must also upload an EHR Vendor-Support Letter or a Current Invoice which indicates an ongoing fiscal and supportive relationship between vendor and practice.