MS State Level Registry Companion Guide

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We have worked hard to make our EHR Attestation System (MS State Level Registry – MS SLR) easier by providing help text along the way.  However, we understand that walking through the MS State Level Registry can be a little confusing.

This MS SLR Companion Guide will help prepare you for the EHR Attesting Experience ahead.  Some things have not changed since the program began.  we have included those steps below.  New material will be added as it becomes available from our development team.

Please let us know if you need help through this process.  The “Need Help” button lets us know you are running into snags and surprises along the way.  We are happy to help.  The earlier we get involved, the quicker we can get a solution or plan – meaning your incentive payment will not be delayed.   We encourage providers to attest as soon as possible.  The attestation volume increases as we get closer to the end of our ‘tail-extension-period’.   We usually see additional system issues during that time as well.  If data or system issue occur during the last few days of attestation, we can not guarantee these can all be corrected and you may not be able to submit your attestation by the deadline.

There are Five Steps in the MS Medicaid EHR Attestation Process:

  1. Step One – About you
  2. Step Two – Establishing Medicaid Eligibility
  3. Step Three – Attestation of Your EHR – Meaningful Use
  4. Step Four – Signing the Attestation Agreement
  5. Step Five – Submitting the EHR Attestation to the State