SLR Companion – Step 5

Submit your EHR Meaningful Use Attestation to the State for verification and payment

Now is the crucial moment !!.  Submit your EHR Attestation to the State by clicking Step 5 ‘Send Year __ Attestation’.

SLR Dashboard Step 5 b















Once we receive your submitted EHR Attestation, we will start working to verify everything you entered into the MS SLR.  We will check the following:

Eligibility Data (Medicaid claims covering your Representative Period)

The data from your Supporting Management Report, Patient Encounter Calculator and entries in SLR must match.

We will confirm you EHR certification number.

We will confirm all the required supporting documentation.

We will make sure the data you enter into the application can be supported by the Meaningful Use Summary Report.

We will review your Security Risk Analysis Summary Report.

We will review your Evidence of Active Level of Engagement with your chosen Public Health Registry Reporting option(s).

We will compare signatures on the Attestation Agreement with the signatures we have on file at the Division of Medicaid.

We will verify the payment information you gave CMS (payee NPI/TIN)

We will verify that you and your designated payee group have an established dual affiliation.

If problems are found, we will notify you and ask you to make the needed corrections and resubmit a new attestation.  We will check the date of the newly signed Attestation Agreement(s).

Once we have finalized our pre-payment verification steps, we will forward your name/NPI to CMS for a duplicate payment check and authorization for payment.

Your EHR Incentive payment will be placed in our payment cycle, and payment will be noted on the payee group Remittance Advice once payment has been issued.  You will be able to track these payments as we update our weekly payment report, which can be accessed from our Featured Program Links on our home page (MS EHR Payment Summary Report).


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