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EHR Incentive Program Fall 2018 Webinar Series


Although Program Year  2017 was a great year for EHR Attestation submissions, we noticed many of our Mississippi Providers were unable to participate.  After a little research, we found that most MS providers had similar issues and constraints in Program Year 2017.  Several of the Modified  Stage 2 Meaningful Use Objectives presented  unexpected challenges as the reporting requirements increased in complexity.

Please don’t feel bad about this….. Many providers across the country were in a similar situation and were unable to fully participate in last year’s EHR Attestation.

We want to help !!

We have changed our approach to our yearly webinar training series.   Beginning Monday, August 20, 2018, we will host three webinars each week (Monday, Tuesday, and  Wednesday).  These webinars will cover different topics and will last only 30 minutes.

We studied some of the challenging reporting requirements that seemed to pop up over and over, and have designed our training series for the fall to help providers prepare for the upcoming EHR Attestation Season (January – April).


Some of the topics include:

  • 2018 Reporting Options Overview
    • Program Year 2018 Reporting Options – Modified Stage 2 and Stage 3, software requirements, MU EHR Reporting Periods, list of reports and supporting documentation needed
  • Patient Volume
    • Choosing a Medicaid Representative Period,  pulling encounter data from your billing system, summarizing data on the MS Patient Volume Calculator,  State Level Registry reporting options, etc…
  • Security Risk Analysis
    • Required yearly review, SRA Tool at HealthIT.com, summary report
  • Meaningful Use Objective 6 – Patient Specific Education
    • Using the EHR to trigger a list of specific education resources for your patients according to notes taken from the exam
  • Meaningful Use Objective 8 – Patient Online Access to Your Portal
    • Tips and simple workflow strategies to engage your patients in your online portal
  • Meaningful Use Objective 9 – Secure Messaging
    • Tips and strategies that ensure that Secure Messaging is enabled and frequently used to communicate with patients, reduce no-show appointments, remind patients to refill medications, etc…
  • Meaningful Use Objective 10 – Public Health Reporting Options
    • Reporting requirements for reporting to health agencies to meet this MU objective
  • Certification Levels and Contract Requirements
    • What are the Certification requirements for Modified Stage 2 and Stage 3?  What elements does CMS require in an EHR vendor contract?  What is a vendor letter and how do we get this?
  • Modified Stage 2 and Stage 3
    • How are Modified Stage 2 and Stage 3 different and what are the similarities?  When does one end and the other start?

These topics will be repeated several times throughout the entire series, giving you an opportunity to work them into your busy clinic schedules.  Webinar slides will be available for download after the initial presentation.

Space is limited to 100 participants for each session.  Therefore we are asking for everyone to register for the sessions that want.  Sign up for as many sessions that you like and as many times as you like.  We will send a meeting invitation the day before which will include a link to that specific webinar session.  We plan to update the link to the daily webinar on this site within 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.


Scheduled training Calendar

Program Year 2018 Overview       Monday 8/20;   Tuesday 8/21;   Monday 9/17;   Monday 11/5

All Modified Stage 2 MU Objectives     Wednesday 8/22;   Wednesday 11/7

Medicaid Patient Volume – Representative Period     Monday 8/27;    Monday 10/22;    Wednesday 11/14

2018 EHR Reporting Period     Tuesday 8/28;    Monday 10/15;    Tuesday 11/13

Security Risk Analysis    Wednesday 8/29;    Tuesday 9/18;    Tuesday 10/9;    Tuesday 11/6

Certification Level and EHR Contracts    Wednesday 9/12;    Tuesday 10/16;    Monday 11/12

MU Obj 6 Patient Education    Tuesday 9/4;    Wednesday 9/19;    Monday 10/1;    Wednesday 10/24

MU Obj 8 Patient Electronic Access    Wednesday 9/5;    Monday 9/24;    Tuesday 10/2;    Monday 10/29

MU Obj 9 Secure Messaging    Monday 9/10;    Tuesday 9/25;    Wednesday 10/3;   Tuesday 10/30

MU Obj 10 Public Health Reporting    Tuesday 9/11;    Wednesday 9/26;    Monday 10/8;    Wednesday 10/31


Download the Full Schedule/Calendar PDF



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Webinar slides will be available for download after initial online presentation.

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