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Webinar slides will be available for download after initial online presentation.

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Program Year 2019  – Stage 3 Meaningful Use

Beginning with Program Year 2019 all providers in the Promoting Interoperability Program (formerly the EHR Incentive Program) will be classified as Stage 3 Meaningful Use Participants.

Although there are a few changes, many of the EHR reporting requirements in Stage 3 Meaningful Use are the same as the reporting requirements from Modified Stage 2 (which ended with Program Year 2018).   Several Objectives were dropped or combined and some of the measures were re-arranged under different objectives.

Modified Stage 2 had 10 Meaningful Use Objectives containing 19 measures or reporting requirements.

Stage 3 has 8 Meaningful Use Objectives with 20 measures or reporting requirements.

There are still 6 Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs), selected by each provider according to their scope of practice.  However, a new Stage 3 requirement  – providers must report on at least one Outcome, Performance or High-Priority CQM according to their scope of practice.

Our 2019 Fall Webinar series will get you ready to Attest for Stage 3 Meaningful Use.  We will be hosting three webinars per week during the month of September and will be repeating some of these through October, November and December.  We will walk you through our Stage 3 Companion Guide in January and our EHR Attestation Season will begin January 7th, 2020.  Generally, these webinars will focus on one particular topic and will normally last about 45 minutes.

Webinar schedule from September 10 – October 4

  • Tuesday 10:30
  • Wednesday 2:00
  • Friday 10:30

Some of the topics include:

  • 2019 Reporting Options Overview
    • Program Year 2019 Reporting Requirements –  Stage 3 Meaningful Use Objectives and Measures, software requirements,  and MU EHR Reporting Periods
  • Patient Volume
    • Choosing a Medicaid Representative Period,  pulling encounter data from your billing system, summarizing data on the MS Patient Volume Calculator,  State Level Registry reporting options, etc…
  • Security Risk Analysis
    • Required yearly review, SRA Tool at HealthIT.com, summary report
  • Meaningful Use Objective 5 – Timely Access and Patient Specific Education
    • Using the EHR to trigger a list of specific education resources for your patients according to notes taken from the exam
    • Making sure that your patients have timely access to their electronic health records
  • Meaningful Use Objective 6 – Coordination of Care  (3 Measures)

    • Tips and simple workflow strategies to engage your patients in your online portal
    • Suggestions how to optimize Secure Messaging to meet multiple measures
    • (New) –  Patient Generated data from outside of the clinical setting – Best practices to implement that will help providers better track their patients health care outside the scheduled appointments
  • Meaningful Use Objective 7 – Health Information Exchange (3 Measures)

    • Tips and strategies that help clinics transfer and receive patient health information electronically
  • Meaningful Use Objective 10 – Public Health Reporting Options (5 Measures)

    • Reporting requirements for reporting to health agencies to meet this MU objective including the allowable exclusions for providers in Mississippi
  • Certification Levels and Contract Requirements
    • What are the Certification requirements for Modified Stage 2 and Stage 3?  What elements does CMS require in an EHR vendor contract?  What is a vendor letter and how do we get this?
  • Accelerated Attestation Timeline as this Incentive Program comes to an end in 2021

    • Year by year Timeline for EHR Reporting Periods, CQM Reporting Periods and EHR Attestation Submission seasons for 2020 and 2021

These topics will be repeated several times throughout the entire series, giving you an opportunity to work them into your busy clinic schedules.  Webinar slides will be available for download after the initial presentation.

Scheduled training Calendar

Wednesday (9/4)  10:30   Stage 3 Meaningful Use Overview

Thursday (9/5)  2:30   Stage 3 Meaningful Use Overview

Friday (9/6)  10:30   Stage 3 Meaningful Use Overview

Tuesday (9/10)  10:30  Stage 3 Certification Level for EHR Software

Wednesday (9/11)  2:00  Security Risk Analysis

Friday (9/13)   10:30  Accelerated Attestation Timeline for 2019, 2020, and 2021

Tuesday (9/17)   10:30   MU Objective 5 – Timely Access and Patient-Specific Education

Wednesday (9/18)   2:00   MU Objective 6 – Coordination of Care (3 Measures)

Friday (9/20)   10:30   MU Objective 7 – Health Information Exchange (3 Measures)

Tuesday (9/24)   10:30   MU Objective 6 – Coordination of Care (3 Measures) repeated webinar

Wednesday (9/25)   MU Objective 8  –  Public Health Agency Reporting  (5 Measures)

Friday (9/27)  Patient Encounter Volume

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Webinar slides will be available for download after initial online presentation.

2019 Fall Webinar Folder – Presentation Slides


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